Sand Canyon – Castle Rock


Mad Dog Tower

  1. Mad Dog Tower is a Pueblo III site located in the central Mesa Verde region in southwestern Colorado. The max. height of the tower is 3.2 m above the modern ground surface. It might have been a part of a communication/signaling system within a larger community of allied sites (so-called Castle Rock Pueblo community). The site was investigated by Crow Canyon Archaeological Center in 1988 and later (in 2011-2014) by the Institute of Archaeology, Jagiellonian University in Krakow (in cooperation with the Anasazi Heritage Center, US Bureau of Land Management office in Dolores, CO).

Data processing and visualization: Boleslaw Zych, Bogumil Pilarski; photographing: Michal Znamirowski, Robert Slabonski; scanner equipment (FARO Scene) rented from Archeo Explorers Wieslaw Koszkul company.

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